Smoky Hollow History

Smoky Hollow is the vision of entrepreneur and distiller Rob Rubens. Rob had a passion to bring together both a distillery and a brewery under one roof. Spirits and Beer have been joined together for 100’s of years, and Rob felt allowing people the opportunity to tour both types of operations as well as experience them in a tasting and taproom was long overdue. The experience for the South Bay community was only half the story though. The combination of a distillery and a brewery running side by side had so many collaboration opportunities for making both unique spirits and beer, that as a distiller, Rob saw endless possibilities.

The Smoky Hollow area of El Segundo got its name because smoke once settled there from Standard Oil Co.'s refinery, which opened in 1911. The area is no longer smoky, and El Segundo has been turning the once aging industrial district into a neighborhood attracting people in many creative fields ranging from entertainment to technology, all the way to craft distilling and brewing. Rob felt the energy of the city and this area, and thought his creative hybrid idea was the perfect fit.

Whether you are interested in seeing how spirits are distilled and beer is brewed, or just looking to stop in to taste some whiskey or tap some locally made craft beer, Smoky Hollow Tasting + Taproom is worth the visit.

Our speakeasy is limited to serving 1.5 fluid oz. of spirit to the general public, per person per day.

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909 E. El Segundo Boulevard | El Segundo, California 90245 | 424.277.1134

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