Our speakeasy is limited to serving 1.5 fluid oz. of spirit to the general public, per person per day.

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From Three Chiefs Brewing Co.
$6.50 - $8.50
Fake Names

Hazy Triple IPA

Alc. 10% // Nelson, Citra, Idaho 7
Fiesta Punch (POG)

Berliner Weisse

Alc. 5.2% //  Hops: None
Pils Good


Alc. 5.2% //  Hops: Centennial


Bacon Fashioned

R6 Bacon Washed Bourbon, Red Miso Syrup, Barrel-Aged Bitters, Bubba’s Jerky // $16

*Contains gluten

Smoked Old Fashioned

R6 Smoked Bourbon, Sugar Cube, Angostura Bitters, Orange // $15

Wheat AF
R6 Whiskey, Agave, Walnut Bitters, Orange, Lemon // $ 14


R6 Bourbon, Orange Juice,
Vanilla, Cashew Milk // $14

Gold Rush

R6 Bourbon, Lemon, Wildflower Honey

// $14 To Go // $49

Coffee & Cigarettes
R6 Single Malt, Maple Syrup, R6 Coffee
Bitters, Orange // $ 14

Hot Toddy

R6 Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Chamomile Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon // $14

Strawberries & Cream

R6 Strawberry Wheat Whiskey, Strawberry
Jam, Cashew Milk, Lemon, Golden Grahams

// $14



R6 Daiquiri

R6 Rum, Lime, Sugar // $12  To Go // $34

R6 Strawberry Daiquiri

R6 Strawberry Infused Rum, Lime, Sugar // $123 


Gin Maid

R6 Gin, Cucumber, Lime, Mint // $13

Spring Blooms

R6 Gin, Chamomile, Lavender, Lime

// $13


Fortunella Lemonade

R6 Vodka, Fortunella Infused Orgeat, Lemon // $13

West Coast Mule

R6 Vodka, Organic Sugar Cane,
Ginger Beer // $12 To Go // $14


R6 Classic

1/2 oz. pour of three spirits Bourbon, Blue Corn Bourbon, Single Malt Whisky, served neat // $15

(All spirits are Gluten-Free)

R6 Clear

1/2 oz. pour of three spirits, Vodka, Gin, Rum, served neat // $13

(All Spirits are Gluten-Free)

R6 Rare

2 oz. pour of threes spirits,
Blue Corn Bourbon Rum, Smoked, Schnapps, served neat // $17

(Limited to R6 Batched cocktails)